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What Is Solar Energy? Pros And Cons. Why Should You Go Solar?

Solar energy is the light and heat that appears from the sun and turns into electricity and heat energy. Well, solar power is a sustainable and endless source of energy. The presence of this energy is remarkably high which can’t be replaced constantly. It aces on every aspect either environmentally, economically, or socially. Equally important, this energy merits on net metering. It is the manner of crediting homeowners for the electricity they generate and repay to the power grid.

Even so, solar power energy captured for less than an hour can be in use for an entire year but without a storage device, this energy can’t work at night. A storage device such as batteries and inverter is required. Though solar technologies are considerably expensive, the service provided aftermath aids in saving electricity bills with enormous electrical and heat production for all dates. Nevertheless, Solar energies have the fewest negative influence on the environment than any other energy source.

What Is Solar Energy?

The utmost choice for seeking to transform into green energy is Solar Power energy. It is the energy that comes from the sun which can be switched into thermal or electrical energy. Harmoniously, the sun will be shining for the forthcoming billion of years as the fairest source. So this energy will be available for the rest of our lives. This will probably help with harnessing a variety of applications such as generating electricity, providing heat inside the house, and heating water.

According to a recent survey, it is studied that roughly 173,000 terawatts of this energy come upon the surface of Earth. Those equivalents are more than 10,000 times the total need for energy in the world. Along with that, every particle of sun rays that encompasses Earth carries a power that fuels our planets. Solar Power energy is the ultimate source that can be relied on by every weather system and other energy sources of Earth. Shortly, the energy can be stored even in cloudy or rainy weather but the power would be relatively lower than on sunny days.

Source: International Renewable Energy Agency (IREA)

In 2017, the International Energy Agency noted that solar has become the Fastest Growing source of power in the world. The Solar generation is predicted to be uplifted from 11% of total renewable production in 2017 to 48% by 2050. Besides, 58% of people who have solar panels installed remarks as the cleanest source of energy which doesn’t contribute to climate change. And 59% of people mention about their electricity bills being minimized. As per BBC Future Now, China is the leading country in the aspects of this energy having around 130 gigawatts capacity.

Apart from that, the solar radiation that hits the surface of the Earth every hour could be enough for almost a whole year. This happens because inside the sun’s core there is a nuclear fusion reaction. It assembles the numerous energy known as photons, that radiates the outer surface of the sun in the form of light and heat. Also, this energy is a fundamental solution in battling the climate crisis and overcoming the dependency on fossil fuels.

Above all, Solar energy is a renewable source of energy. The harnessing power from the sun is indefatigable. The installation process is a struggle but later after the construction is counted as the majorly availing source. Not only that, the energy prevents from the habitats being destroyed. Normally forests are demolished for excavating raw materials like fuels. When a tree is cut, it releases the carbon dioxide stored in it. It brings climate change. At the same time according to WWF, 8 out of 10 animals live on the ground. They will lose their habitats. Switching to this energy will help to keep the environment tidy and keep these territories intact for the animals.

Greenesa is constantly working on the renewable energy sectors for the past 5 years. We are on a Global mission to revolutionize the way we consume Energy. We here at Greenesa strongly believe that the world should completely run on Renewable Energy. Do you think we missed something? Do you know of some other way this energy contributes worldwide? Feel free to comment below. We always appreciate your suggestions.

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